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Srsly, gotta love Penny!

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Penny: Hey, here’s another possible topic of conversation. This is a big night for Sheldon. Right, Sheldon?

Sheldon: Big night? The winter solstice is a big night. It’s over 14 hours in Southern California.

Amy: That’s an amusing factoid.

Sheldon: Thank you.

The Big Bang Theory, “The Robotic Manipulation” (via bbtquotes)
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Jim Parson’s process

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TBBT’s promo - season 4

Sheldon: Ta-da!

Leonard: What.

Sheldon: Ta-da. It’s short for da-da-da-da!

Leonard: Kind of busy here, Sheldon.

Sheldon: I know, that’s why I shortened it.

The Big Bang Theory, “The Irish Pub Formulation” (via bbtquotes)
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I’m loving this picture!!!!!!

I’m loving this picture!!!!!!

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100% true. 

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